Civic Association Leadership

Officers – Duties and Current Officers

President – Tim Pfohl

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, the Board of Directors, and special meetings.  The President shall appoint the chairpersons of standing committees (with the  approval of the Board of Directors by way of majority vote) and special committees, and shall have the power, in his or her sole discretion, to remove committee chairpersons. The President shall be an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Vice President – Shari Perago

The Vice President shall assist the President and the Board of Directors with the business of the Association and shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties of that office. In case of a permanent vacancy, the Vice President shall automatically become President.

Secretary – Mimi Cox

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the regular meetings as well as meetings of the Board of Directors and special meetings, and shall have custody of all books and papers belonging to the Association, except those specifically assigned to other Board members.

Treasurer – Paul Wilson

The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds of the Association, shall be responsible for arranging payment of routine and recurring expenses of the Association, shall collect all dues and disburse funds as authorized by the Association and/or the Board of Directors, and shall close the books at the end of the calendar year and submit them for review.


Ad Manager – Carrie Parker

The Ad Manager is responsible for selling advertising, reminding advertisers about deadlines and acting as point of contact for potential advertisers in the Bellevue Newsletter . The ad manager provides details about circulation; publication dates, ad sizes and costs, and sends the BCA treasurer the list of advertisers and their ad costs for payment.

Beautify Bellevue Coordinator–David Lydiard

The Beautify Bellevue Committee promotes and enhances the beauty of the neighborhood through volunteerism and coordinating with the city departments to facilitate the upkeep and maintenance of our public medians and green areas. This committee also helps maintain our neighborhood’s beautiful tree canopy through the Keep Bellevue Green project.

Garden Walk Coordinator – Patti Fog and April Straus

The Garden Walk Committee is responsible for organizing, enticing participants, advertising and staging the annual Bellevue Garden Walk.

Information Signs Coordinator – Paul Quel

The Sign committee is responsible for the information signs and their set up and take down. It coordinates the information with upcoming Bellevue and neighborhood events

Membership Coordinators – Jami Bricker and Jodi Teitelman

The Membership committee is responsible for membership drives, attracting new members, connecting new members with the committees or activities they are interested in, providing the treasurer with information and dues for all new members.

Newsletter Distribution Coordinator – Barry Long

The Newsletter distribution coordinator is responsible for set up and scheduling delivery of the newsletter.

Newsletter Editor – Carrie Parker

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for the production of the newsletter; the layout, assigning and/or writing of stories and the review of submissions for content. It also arranges printing and distribution.

Security Patrol Coordinator – Jerry DeVoss

The Security Patrol Committee trains new volunteers to patrol the neighborhood and maintains the schedule of volunteer patrols and volunteer equipment. The Security Patrol provides a sense of security for our neighborhood by keeping an eye out for suspicious or unusual happenings.

Hospitality Chair – Holly Wilson

The Hospitality chair is responsible for the coordination, set up and organization of Hospitality events for the Bellevue Civic Association.

Social Media Coordinator – Marcie Murphy

The Social Media coordinator is responsible for all social media accounts for Bellevue. These include FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and any others.

Website Admin – Marcie Murphy

The Website Admin works to maintain content on the BCA website. New content, edits to content, images, photos may be added or updated, with updates and input by the BCA board. The Website Admin coordinates with the treasurer to ensure the domain and site hosting is up to date with payment and does not expire.

Yard Sale Coordinator – Vacant

The Yard Sale Committee is responsible for soliciting yard sale participants, vendors and advertising. It also coordinates the facility for the yard sale and collects funds.

Volunteer Coordinator – Vacant

The Volunteer coordinator is responsible for soliciting volunteers for various events.

Traffic Committee - David Lydiard and Margaret Pfohl

Formed in 2022, this committee identifies neighborhood traffic related issues such as speeding, stop sign running and dangerous road conditions. They work with the RPD, Traffic Engineering, and local government on solutions including signage modification, additional signage and more. If you have a concern, or want to get involved, please reach out.