FOBP Invasive Plants Task Force Project

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Hi, Bryan Park Lovers   

FoBP is going to the next level in our long-tern fight with Invasive Plants

We are funding and recruiting for our Invasive Plants Task Force Project

We are kicking it off with a Free the Trees Week.  It starts on Sun, Feb 21st From 1pm to 3pm, WITH two more  Free the Trees work sessions on Wed, Feb 24tt.’ from 1pm to 3pm, and on Fri, Feb 26th, from 1pm to 3pm.

And we’ll have a regular stream and floodplain cleanup on Saturday, Feb 27th .  More info on this to follow…

Friends of Bryan Park and our dedicated Riverine Master Naturalists will be in Bryan Park, beside shelter # 1, before 1pm, dressed so we can remove vines from Bryan Park trees on all three days

At all these work sessions, The Riverine Master Naturalists will show us the good vines, the bad vines, and the poison Ivy vines. 

So hopefully, we will be protecting the vines, blossoms, and berries that the native birds, insects and critters survive and thrive on;

And We’ll remove the invasive vines that either harm the trees or out-compete native plants

And we’ll elect a “suicide squad” to try to eliminate some of the poison ivy (if the vine is hairy, thats very scary)

Also, the Master Naturalists will show us how to apply the herbicides effectively.  Most states, farmers and foresters, park and wildlife managers recognize and support the judicious use of herbicides when invasive plants are involved.  Without the application of an appropriate herbicide, the invasive plants, for the most part, cannot be eradicated. 

WE will provide gloves, clippers and shears, saws and other tools.  We will also have experts for the herbicide application.

WE will be working in the woods! ‘

WE will also have a fire in shelter # 1, and water and snacks available! 

This is a family-friendly activity – and the time donated can apply to community service requirements (so spread the word to students too )   Wednesday and Friday may work well for them !

We will be using the regular COVID protocols:  Maintaining social distances  (6 feet or more) and wearing masks when near non-family members.  When we split up into groups, you may choose to work without a mask!

If volunteers wish to bring their own gloves and  tools they are encouraged to do so.

We recommend layering clothes, heavy shoes or boots, a hat, and water and snacks that you prefer.  A heavy workcoat or jacket will help protect you in the woods

If you wish, you may volunteer through our website: or through our facebook page Friends of Bryan Park  

If you have questions, please call John and 288-55005  

And DON’T FORGET our regular, end of the month stream and floodplain cleanup on Saturday, Feb 27th

More info to follow…