Regarding Richmond Public Schools

Dear #RPSStrong Family,

As the Governor just announced, all schools in the Commonwealth will be closed for the rest of the school year. As disruptive as this will be for students, families, and staff, I believe it's the right decision given the healthcare crisis we're facing. I applaud the Governor for taking this bold step now.

I just got off a call with all my colleagues across Virginia and our State Superintendent, Dr. Lane. He shared that the Virginia Department of Education is going to provide local school divisions with guidance about a host of topics – including graduation, course credits, and grades – tomorrow. As soon as I receive this information and have a chance to digest it, I will share it through my RPS Direct. I want to thank Dr. Lane for his tireless advocacy on behalf of our students and staff throughout this crisis.

In light of this news, I know you must have a million questions and concerns. To help us gather and respond to your inquires efficiently, please submit them through this page on our website. We'll review everything that's submitted each day, and I'll provide answers in my RPS Direct. I also want to note that, given this announcement, I will not be able to live-stream my math class this afternoon; I'll be back tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.

These are truly unprecedented times. While every family is facing new challenges, I am most concerned about those within our community who already struggle with the injustices that come with poverty, institutionalized racism, and/or immigration status. This extended closure will only amplify these injustices. At RPS, we will move heaven and earth to support these – and all – families in our community. And we will make sure our employees continue to get paid, have full benefits, and receive the support they need to navigate these very difficult times.

I want to reiterate what I said to our students in my first closure message: RPS may be officially closed, but we are always open to support you in any way we can. If you need anything at all – anything – please email me at We are here for your and we love you.

With the deepest appreciation,