Bellevue – Light Up The Hood

This is the third year of our Bellevue Light Up the ‘Hood Challenge and the number of wonderfully decorated homes continues to increase. Many thanks to those whose hard work helped make our neighborhood a joy to behold during this holiday season!

Our judges also noted that there were a number of homes with some beautiful displays and doors that were not on their list of nominees. Remember, you can nominate any home, including your own.

Congratulations to our winners -

2018 "Light Up the 'Hood" Challenge

Category – “It's A Wonderful Life” / traditional
3857 Fauquier Ave- Winner
1612 Pope Ave - Honorable Mention

Category – “Anything Goes”
1510 Greycourt Ave- Winner
1405 Avondale Ave- Honorable Mention

Category - Best Tree
3908 Fauquier Ave - Winner
4026 Monticello Ave - Honorable Mention

Category - Best Doors
1228 Stanhope Ave
1424 Lorraine Ave
3917 Fauquier Ave
1617 Nottoway Ave