Watering our new trees

Watering- When your tree is planted, the Gator bag should be filled immediately. The first month is critical for these trees and they need constant moisture.

Unfortunately, a recent trip with the arborist showed less than a dozen bags with water in them. Fill the bag once every two weeks until the summer heat sets in, then keep water in it. Empty bags full are especially bad because it acts as an umbrella and keeps rainwater from the rootball.

• How to fill the bags- Some people have complained that they can’t figure out how to fill the Gator.

A. Lift the tag/label at the top of the bag and there’s an opening underneath for your hose.

B. FIRST TIME ONLY- Fill about 2 or 3 gallons and then grab the two tabs at the top of the bag and yank it upwards. This will allow the bottom of the bag to fully spread out. Then fill the rest of the way.