Bellevue Ladies’ Social/Book Club A Hidden Gem In Bellevue

When I first heard the name of The Bellevue Ladies’ Social/Book Club I had a vision of some 1940s Ladies with proper hats and gloves arriving at the home of the host. They would gather around the coffee table set with her finest china and silver with fresh garden flowers, as they discussed books. It was fun to imagine, and I love the old fashioned name. I have often thought about our neighbors of the past who planted the first gardens around these graceful homes where we now live. I imagine that one of them decided to start this book club that still exists today. I don’t know if that is the real story, but that is my story.

From the minute I stepped into my first meeting, I was right at home. I was greeted warmly and shown into a beautiful home with colorful paintings hanging on the walls. What a great setting this was for the many colorful women who soon filled the house. I am a bit shy with new folks, but I was made welcome by every woman I met. There were no hats and no gloves; rather modern friendly, casual women with big beautiful smiles and lots of excited greetings. I met a lot of women, most of whose names I will learn with time.

I had been looking for another book club to join, as I love to read. That first night, I kept waiting to hear talk about books, and specifically about THE Book they all had been reading. But, no books were mentioned, just everything else fun women have to discuss as they drink wine and snack on delectable treats. I later learned that this was the Social Month, and every other month was the Book Month. As I walked home that first night, I realized that I had not heard the name of any book to read, but, it did not matter.

I since have made it to a Book Month, and the discussions were invigorating and thoughtful. I was delighted by the lively exchange of ideas. I am at home with this motley group of neighbor women. Again, I find another reason to love our wonderful neighborhood.

Written by: Rebecca Moon

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